Bokashi – the movie

Bruce Mol is a friend of a friend and I was introduced to his inspiring project the other day. Last year at the Armstrong IPE they introduced a bokashi pilot program of sorts where they collected the food waster from the fair over 5 days in 45 gallon barrels. All in all they collected 1 ton of organic waste that they then shredded, added bokashi mixture, sealed and let ferment for three weeks.

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Bokashi, Bran and Buckets: Finishing the Project

At this point our bokashi should be ready to dry, if you have not already done that. Remember the bokashi bran should should have a sweet fermented smell, like beer, yeast etc. If you have any blue / red mold on top, it is an indication that some air got in, during the fermenting process. Al Pasternak suggests that the blue/red/ mold can be scooped off and put into your regular compost pile. The remaining bran can be spread out…

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Bokashi Progress Report

It has been a bit over two weeks since we made our bokashi bran, so we can start checking it now. Our instructions say that we are to look for whitish fuzz over the top and a sour fermented smell. Mine (I made 5 Kg) has a whitish fuzz, dotted with blue mold spots that look similar to a bread mold, over the top but not in the in the center of the top. I am thinking that this just…

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Making your own Bokashi Bran

A small group of people wanted to give a new idea a try. We’d heard about bokashi composting and thought to ourselves ‘hey I’d like to do that.’ When the costs mounted ever higher what once seemed like a simple project turned into an investment. And thus the Bokashi group was formed. We made our bran at a friends place on May 8th. Instructions are below:

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