Current Goals

my green goals to live lighter with less waste and cleaner energy

I bought a house!

Whew. After almost 4 years of searching and being indecisive I finally got off the pot and did it. I committed. I tied myself down. I moved all my stuff out of storage and into my very own home. The plan is to not move again until my kids are out of elementary school at least. With a move there are always projects. The things you want to do to make better, make it livable or just make it yours.…

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Consolidation and Time Management

Sometimes I feel like I live a double life and I suppose in some respects I do. There is one side that lives with simplicity and humility in this tiny trailer, in the open air, sweating my ass off in the heat, picking, weeding, building and doing what I do largely alone. And then there is this other side that hits the road (often randomly) to discover live music, large crowds, adventure and experience at every opportunity – I still…

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Drifting in a Sea

It seems I have lost my focus a little in the past few months. In February I found out that our plans would not be able to go ahead on the downtown property as I had planned. This threw me a little as I had envisioned a lot of really great things happening there.

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Real Milk + Fresh Eggs + Plenty of Parsley = :)

Project Parsley. Ha ha. Not really but I do love the stuff and employ nearly everyone I know to plant it in their yards so that I can eat it when I come over. I’m not even kidding. I milk a cow for a friend when they go away so that we can have fresh, raw milk. I won’t drink anything else. Neither will my kids. Next project, make some cheese and butter with said milk.

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“Permaculture is revolution disguised as organic gardening”

I will admit to not being much of a gardener. Honestly my problem is seedlings. The transplanting of this delicate little baby plant into the earth where it is left in the open to the elements and susceptible to drying out, drowning or any other random event is just not my cup of tea. So I am not lying when I say that my approach to gardening has always kind of been stick a whole bunch of seeds in the…

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Dreaming, discussing and doing.

I seem to spend most of my time on the first, more and more on the second and the least on the third. I think I’d like to aim for a little more equal proportions in life. One of the more common themes that comes up for me in my dreams is city or country. Which path do I want to follow? And, more importantly, how do I decide? One one hand I want to be in the city where…

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