The Value of Art in School

I posted this in a Facebook group to inspire some conversation on the subject. The arts are being threatened with all sorts of cutbacks in my country for some strange reason people put little value on it. They forget that without artists their lives would be far duller. Art inspires, it entertains, it encourages and nourishes the very essence of what is human in us. We are unique because we can experience and appreciate art in all it’s forms. Throughout…

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April is Poetry Month

Art is what makes us human. It defines us as unique from the rest of the animal kingdom because we can conceptualize and contemplate something that another has created. Art inspires us, it reminds us of our vulnerability and our own mortality. It stirs our emotions and stokes the fires of our hearts to continue, to endure, to have compassion, to be kind.

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Sketching Sound

Sketching scenes as they happen in life has always been something I fancy. My life was forever changed in a grade 11 art class when we were asked to sketch our classmates. I sketched for weeks on end. I filled a notebook with sketches. Previously I had lusted after the talent that some of my more artistic friends had in doodling and drawing and now I too possessed a similar skill.

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