A Day at the Fair

While it may seem slightly contradictory to pretty much everything I believe in and stand for my kids and I went to the fair when it was in town this weekend. Like all good adventures we didn’t plan on it it just sort of happened. We were looking for something to do on a Sunday after 4-H, our hike plans bailed and we were feeling kind of lazy one of the 4-Hers mentioned that she was going to the fair…

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Coming Together

It is inspiring to see what can happen when we come together for a common goal. One of my favorite things in life is to be a part of those moments. Recently in my community a project was put forth that would see chemically treated wood chipped and burned in an incinerator. The company was from out of province and there was no consultation done with the public before the Province gave them the green light. Even our city council…

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A Plan involving Peanut Butter

I happened across this the other day and my first thought was, ‘Hey what I cool idea I can do that.’ And then I thought about it a little more and then I read a few of the articles and comments that people were making about the idea and I thought, ‘yeah food is easy if you are homeless’. And then I thought about it a little more…. what if you aren’t homeless? What about the single mother who is…

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