My Spring Project

I have a huge maple tree in my front yard. It’s not a sugar maple. At least I don’t think it is. But I’m going to tap it anyways and see what happens. Maple trees need to be at least 40 years old before they will yield enough sap to make 1 gal of syrup. 40 to 1 or something like that. The one in my yard is probably just barely old enough. It’s interesting to me that cities don’t…

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Gogeous little bear by Inspiring Yarns

Foraging for Food

The other day I wanted to make a craft involving acorn tops which has evolved into a whole project, you gotta love life for that, why don’t I home-school again? Anyway first I had to find an ‘acorn’ tree which the kids learned is actually an Oak tree and several of them grow near the hospital where we live. We spotted them on the way to school the other day they are the only trees left with leaves on them,…

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Photo credit Be Mindful be human

Salmon Jerky

Wow. That’s all I should have to post. We used the recipe from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook and one of the salmon I was gifted last year. Every time I prepare one of those fish I am compelled toward gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful animal that gave it’s life to feed me. They are gorgeous fish, I can’t believe we are still eating them.

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Homemade Beef Jerky

My daughter has turned into a bit of a meat eater and so I have been forced to learn how to cook for her. Since I’m not about to start making roasts and this doesn’t seem to be her favorite thing either we thought jerky might be a good idea. As with any good kitchen project I turned to my cookbooks like The Joy of Cooking and Nourishing Traditions. Neither of which said much that was helpful. Fortunately we live…

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Home Grown Ginger

I’ve heard that you can grow ginger in your house. Since I really like ginger and I know no one who grows it I think that perhaps the thing I’d like to try growing is some ginger. I found this really great information from a google search today:

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Perfect Roast Chicken

Tis the season to be butchered…la la…wait sorry. It’s slaughtering season which means fresh meat. Yum. For someone who was a vegetarian for most of their life I sure do love fresh meat and there is nothing quite like a roasted chicken, except maybe a roasted duck….anyway… It’s easy. Even I can do it.

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