Preserving & Storing

Image credit Clair's Holistic Pursuits

Chicken Bone Broth

After we roast our chicken I make broth from the carcass in the same roasting pan. I recently learned that adding salt too early in the broth process is crazy bad for you and so now I don’t add salt to my broth until it goes into the jars for the fridge or freezer. Here is a beauty of a recipe from Claire’s Holistic Pursuits I will admit that I have never added more than an onion to my bone…

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Strawberry Season

Strawberries are the first fruit that you need to catch if you are going to preserve any sort of quantity of. They come ripe in about the middle of June but are VERY weather depending. If you miss them you are likely out of luck unless you live somewhere that grows the ever bearing variety that produce smaller quantities all summer long. We LOVE strawberries and you can bet that I never miss strawberry season. We almost always head out…

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Drying Greens

Remember all those greens I helped dry last year? I never tasted any of them. I never even heard how it went other than, oh yeah it was awesome. So, note to self, don’t work with that person again if you’d like to actually learn something. Fast forward to this year and I have been eating lettuce for the past two months like it was going out of season. Because it is. The one thing I noticed last year was…

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Frozen Food Anyone?

We had a bit of a cold snap here this past week. It got more than a little frosty (-20ish C ) and while I am in a new place I was also out of my home during much of the cold weather and neglected my food storage situation.  I have been using a covered porch that has been closed in as additional storage and a mud room. The room was pretty much just as cold as outside but not…

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Dehydrating Greens

This past Tuesday I helped a friend of mine with a bit of an experiment. She harvested all of the greens from her mother’s garden and instead of freezing them she is going to try drying them to store instead. We have a lot of the same mindsets when it comes to food storage. The main one being that we would like to rely less on our deep freezes and more on our pantry’s or cold rooms.

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Getting Ready for Winter

Fall is harvest time. There is something truly magical about it and I love hearing about the many ways in which people prepare for the coming cold season. Here at home we continue our path of exploring food storage and choices that we make. I was fortunate enough to inherit a large box of pears and apples earlier this month. The apples were easy they went into small shallow boxes and in the root cellar. I was then posed with…

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