Preserving & Storing

Preserving Summer’s Harvest

I love summer. Who doesn’t. But what I love about it is the growing season and how the produce changes as it ripens and becomes ready for harvesting. The kitchen staples of apples, oranges and bananas are a perfect example of how out of touch we are with where the food we eat comes from. Bananas are terribly cheap, horribly cheap as a matter of fact and everytime I eat a fresh banana I think a little part of me…

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Food Storage and Root Cellers

I’ve taken this information from the Green Drinks Kamloops Facebook group. To connect and share with them please join their group and go meet with them every month people with an interest in environmental conservation meet up for a beer at informal sessions known as Green Drinks: From Deanna: This book at the public library is very detailed about types of cold storage and root cellars that can be constructed. DIY Root Cellar – this is a simple root cellar…

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