Our Journey Home

The Contents of My Freezer

I actually have two freezers, the one above my fridge and a second upright. Whenever people come over one of the most common questions I get is, “How come you have two fridges?” As I learn to do things differently I think I will eventually perhaps get rid of the second upright but for now I freeze a lot of things that I make and then store for later. I’m a busy single mom what can I say! Giant ziplock…

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For my son breakfast means one thing. Granola, yogurt and berries. That is ‘breakfast’ and when he says, “Mom I want ‘breakfast’” he means “Mom I want granola with yogurt and berries”. He is my youngest and I suppose by the time he was born my eating habits had somewhat evolved to the point that this was simply what we ate for breakfast. And for all general purposes that is what we eat for breakfast every day. I have started…

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Finding a way by making it

I need an outlet and have a need to share with the world the story and evolution of my path to a simpler, more whole and lighter way of living. Posts in this category will be about that journey, the choices we make, the reasons why, the conflicts I face and the trials and triumphs of choosing to live differently. I think that I always had a desire for something different. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was about 9…

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