“Hello world.” She said with a smile. Rested her hands on her knees. Drew a breath and then while she sat still the world paused, got bigger and then everything slowed. She exhaled. And then did it again.

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In the persuit of…

Guns blaze & wars rage Schools burn & we are enslaved Our hearts lost in travesty & tragedy Our souls crying out to be saved. We have done terrible things I have committed heinous crimes We all want to be held & told it will all be alright Lines blur & are crossed Wars waged are then lost Our eyes are straining to see Our hearts know the true cost. We have lost our way I have forgotten where the…

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The infamous 'They'

They say the world is going to end They pray the world is going to change They give you updates on war as though it’ll get better The try to tell you all about the weather Thy say fifty two percent of marriages fail They say they put your check in the mail They say the children are starving They say the children are fighting They know all about your love and your life They try to control how you…

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