Reduce and Reuse

Freecycle is quite possibly one of the greatest sites going in that it connects the local community in a way that is completely unique – everything is FREE. Post what you want or what you have and someone from your community or better yet your neighbourhood will come and get it if they can make use of it! Recently my partner and I moved in together and have done a big renovation (highlights include: high efficiency furnace, tankless water heater,…

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Some great thoughts on Shampoo and Conditioner!

This comment was posted at the bottom of an article I read recently about eco-friendly shampoos. I have long bought shampoo and conditioner in bulk and I think I’ve only bought two bottles of conditioner in my adult life. I have recently been trying to brainstorm a more natural solution to the supermarket no-name brands and I dug this girls comments: I have been using the system below for the last year and am very happy with it. I have…

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Outdoor furniture

Currently I have been pondering this situation as there is going to be an acquisition soon regarding the furniture that will go outdoors on our new deck. Actually three decks so there is some serious thinking to be done. New is not an option. There just isn’t something out there that I am going to spend money on to support. Something sustainable that would last. What about iron? Steel and iron furniture will last generations and can be made from…

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Finding a way by making it

I need an outlet and have a need to share with the world the story and evolution of my path to a simpler, more whole and lighter way of living. Posts in this category will be about that journey, the choices we make, the reasons why, the conflicts I face and the trials and triumphs of choosing to live differently. I think that I always had a desire for something different. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was about 9…

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Random Quotes ::

"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.

~ Ansel Adams"

July 9, 2014
July 8, 2014
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July 8, 2014