saskatoon berries

Photo credit the unprocessed home

Lunch on the Go

Today I worked through lunch. I really enjoy not working through lunch but it is just not always an option. Today I ate a muffin while in a meeting and drank a smoothie while I did my various desk activities. Our muffins my kids made on the weekend. We made a double batch and filled them with blueberries from the market the day before and saskatoons we had picked on our hike earlier that day. My smoothie consisted of the following: 2…

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Granola and Milk with Saskatoon Berries

We’re running low on eggs and market is tomorrow. My daughter took two hard boiled eggs to summer music school this morning and I had our version of cereal and milk. I make granola almost weekly for the better part of the year. You can find the recipe recipe below it is one that’s been kicking around my kitchen for man years now and I originally found it here. Today my granola was topped with saskatoon berries which are big and juicy…

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