101 Uses for Baking Soda

I buy baking soda in bulk. Someone once asked me why I had so much baking soda and I was thoroughly confused by their question. Doesn’t everyone?  There are so many uses for it.  Sometimes I think it can do anything and I recently found a list that proves that I am not far off on that thought. So without further ado here is the list from the zfactor of 101 uses for baking soda – well technically 43. (not in it’s entirety you can check that out on their site.)

  1. Baking Soda as a Facial Scrub: One part Baking Soda, two parts ground oatmeal mixed together
  2. Baking Soda for Itch relief from Poison Ivy, Sumac, Measles or Chicken Pox: A half cup of Baking Soda in warm bath water and soak.
    (I’ve also read that it is good for pain of beestings)
  3. Baking Soda White Teeth Cleaning and Whitening: Wet toothbrush and dip brissles in Baking Soda to brush your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, mix Baking Soda with your regular toothpaste to brush.
  4. Baking Soda to Clean Your Bathroom: As a dry cleaner on sinks, facets and toilets, Baking Soda will not scratch and is eco-friendly.
  5. Baking Soda as Shampoo: To remove build up of styling products or heavy conditioners, mix a teaspoon of Baking Soda with your shampoo next time you shower to revitalize your hair and give it volume too!
  6. Baking Soda is Tough on Stains: Burnt food on pads and dishes comes off easily when soaked in warm water and Baking Soda
  7. Baking Soda will Unclog the Drain: Pour a half cup of Baking Soda down the drain followed by a cup of white vinegar, let bubble for several minutes then flush hot water down the drain to clear.
    Jennifer, June 2008
    Hamilton ON Canada
  8. Baking Soda for a Food Wash: To remove pesticides and other pollutants found on your fruits and vegetables, fill a sink with cold water and a tablespoon of Baking Soda and let produce soak. Rinse food after in water.
  9. Baking Soda as a Deodorizer: In your fridge or even in closets and pantries, multiple odors can produce and contaminate the taste of surrounding foods, or the smell of close by clothing, Baking Soda set on a shelf in a dish or just as an open box with absorb the odors.
  10. Baking Soda as an Appliance Cleaner: Splashed, cooked on food in microwaves on stove tops come off easily with some Baking Soda on a wet sponge. To work more efficiently in a microwave, place in micro-safe bowl with water and bring to a boil in your microwave, the stains will lift off even easier.
  11. Baking Soda to Make Laundry Brighter: Add half a cup of Baking Soda in your washing machine and your clothes will come out smelling fresher and looking brighter.
  12. Baking Soda as a Carpet/Fabric Refresher: Lightly Sprinkle Baking Soda onto sofas, carpet or other fabrics, let sit for a half hour, then vacuum the Baking Soda out to refresh the smell of your home.
  13. Baking Soda to make Sports Equipment Smells Be Gone: pour Baking Soda in a sock and tie a knot and through into sports equipment bags or shoes to absorb odors.
  14. Baking Soda to Lift off a Water Ring: Sometimes we don’t have coasters available when setting drink glasses on wooden furniture and realize after the water ring left behind. Baking Soda is gentle enough to use when made into a paste with water to lift off the stains and your furniture is as good as new.
  15. Baking Soda as a Deep Hair Cleanser: If you need to remove buildup from your hair, use a bar of glycerin free soap and baking soda and lather a large amount into your hair, let this sit for a minute or two and rinse!
    Stephanie, Jan 2009
    Michigan, USA
  16. Baking Soda as a Fire Extinguisher: If a small fire erupts in your kitchen or garage, extinguish by dousing with Baking Soda. Baking Soda is also works quickly on grease fires.
  17. Baking Soda to remove Corroded Battery Acid: If the terminals of your vehicle battery are corroded, make a paste of Baking Soda and water to rub over the terminals (wear gloves). Baking Soda works as a neutralizer with acidic fluids.
  18. Stinky Pet Litter Boxes: For rabbits, cats or any other small animal using a litter box in your home, mix Baking Soda with your pet’s litter to absorb the smell of ammonia.
  19. Keep Out Sugar Ants Baking Soda: Mix together equal parts Baking Soda and salt and sprinkle around where you see pesky ants.
    Candice, Aug 2008
    Waterloo ON Canada
  20. Inexpensive Spackle: Mix together toothpaste and Baking Soda to fill in small holes in your walls and let dry.
  21. Baking Soda as a Soil Test: Plants grow best in acidic soil and to test your soil to make sure it is acidic mix two cups of water with a quarter cup of Baking Soda and stir in soil, if the mixture bubbles up then the soil is acidic.
  22. Fix Scratched CD’s with Baking Soda: For CD’s only, not DVD’s. Dip the end of a wet paper towel into Baking Soda and rub gently on CD where the scratches are in a circular motion. This should polish the CD allowing it to play again.

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