A Glimmer of hope

I want to love you as you ought to be loved
If I did our love would be grand
Something inside me is dead, my love
You have stirred it with the touch of your hand.

I want to be loved as I see others are loved
With eternity seeming but moments away
Some things are sacred and scarred by roughness
My trust has been given but it is hard to convince it to stay.

I see you as no one else sees you
I see you as I see no one else
I am unable to show you and make you feel
The way I want to…
The way I ought to…

But ‘they’ say love cannot be forced
What will be, will be
And it is.
Look at us.
What a mess.

I long to show you what is in my heart
What is real, what is possible
I get giddy
Short of breath
This is only the start
of what I know will be ideal