A Plan involving Peanut Butter

I happened across this the other day and my first thought was, ‘Hey what I cool idea I can do that.’ And then I thought about it a little more and then I read a few of the articles and comments that people were making about the idea and I thought, ‘yeah food is easy if you are homeless’. And then I thought about it a little more…. what if you aren’t homeless? What about the single mother who is struggling to make ends meet? I bet she would sure appreciate a few PB&J sandwiches for the kiddos. What about the senior who never eats anything that is all that good for her? I bet if you sat and hung around with her for a while munching on a sandwich you’d be the highlight of her week.

The point being. I love the idea. I love the simplicity of it. Our problems can really be that simple. We love to complicate things and say oh but what about this or that or when blah blah blah. Why can’t we just smile at each other a little more and start with that?

So what is a simple solution? How about socks? It’s getting cold out and I would hazard a guess that most people who live outside could use another pair of decent socks. I go into thrift stores all the time and I am going to start buying socks. Good ones, thick ones, wool ones and ones that have no holes in them. I am going to put two pairs of socks in my bag and when I see a man on the street who looks like he just might live not too far from there I am going to give him a pair of socks.

Another simple thing is that I donate all of my clothes to the women’s shelter. I have a clothing habit like most women. I purchase clothing from thrift stores on a regular basis and am constantly rotating my closet. Most of the clothes are perfect, relatively in style and will do a girl just fine, maybe even excite her to find, during a rough patch of her life.

Please feel free to share your simple ideas for giving back and helping to support your community.