About Me

Conscientious consumer. Localvore. Amazing cook. Artist. Dancer. Single mom. Teacher. Leader. Coach. Trail runner. Solo hiker. Lover of life, learning and laughter.

Friends define me as inspiring and organized.
I define myself as passionate and moral.

I believe in heaven on Earth.
We each have the ability to leave it a better place.
To live in that place requires each of us to be the best people we can be.

This here is a story of my growth as a human being through being a person doing my small part to achieve that end. With a good sense of humor, my fair share of sweat, tears and a whole bunch of patience everyday I get a bit closer to my ideal self.

May you take pause in this moment to appreciate all that you have be given.
May you discover the joy of the present.
And let your life be a gift to yourself and everyone around you.




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