Conscientious consumer. Localvore. Entrepreneur. Land use advocate. Mother. Artist. Dancer. Singer. Teacher. Leader. Coach.

Friends define me as inspiring and organized.
I define myself as passionate and moral.

I believe in heaven on Earth.
At this stage in our development humans have the capacity, knowledge, skills and awareness to create a world that fulfils our deepest human needs.
To live in that place requires each of us to be the best people we can be and ask hard questions about the choices we make as individuals, community members and leaders.

My work as a consultant involves working with small and medium sized organizations to develop and implement policies, plans and financial plans that put people first.

Putting humanity back into corporate culture involves innovation.

It involves a new way of conducting business that is sustainable for both people and our planet.

My diverse background involves finance, economics, human psychology, environmental history, sustainability and trauma awareness. My unique and realistic perspective of the complexities of daily life provides policy and decision makers with insight into how they can develop sustainable solutions that move their organizations toward a more wholesome tomorrow.

Outside the box solutions require courage and criticism.
They require broad scale financial analysis.
They require a willingness to create something better.

May you take pause in this moment to appreciate all that you have be given.
May you find a workplace that cares for your well-being.
May you live in a community that uses the land wisely.
May you discover the joy of the present.
And let your life be a gift to yourself and everyone around you.



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