I bought this domain in 2002 with the intention of creating a Green Guide much like the one at National Geographic. At the time there was no Twitter or Facebook and if I had of said the words ‘social media’ no one would have known what I was talking about.

me and moonlightLife tends to get in the way of most things and this dream never made it past my sketchbook. Since then many websites and blogs have sprung up and the ‘green revolution’ seems to have picked up speed. As I continued to pay for the domain name I wondered what the heck I was going to do with it and so I threw up a blog (this blog) that is a collection of my thoughts and ramblings on the subject of being a consumer in this crazy society we’ve created.

We truly do treat the Earth as consumable as though every commodity can be bought or sold. We seem to have lost all regard for that which sustains us in favor of the all mighty dollar. Instead of worshiping the sun we worship a son.

May you enjoy and take some heed in these words offered here. There is an increasing sense of urgency about the place it’s not ‘sustainable’ in the truest sense of that buzzword. We shall see it fall, or at least I hope we do ;)



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