April is Poetry Month

Art is what makes us human. It defines us as unique from the rest of the animal kingdom because we can conceptualize and contemplate something that another has created. Art inspires us, it reminds us of our vulnerability and our own mortality. It stirs our emotions and stokes the fires of our hearts to continue, to endure, to have compassion, to be kind.

The artists will be the ones to set us free. In a world where things no longer make sense and society is without definition the artist will see our souls. Our beauty. They will be our salvation. A world without art will be the death of us all.

And so I celebrate Poetry month with you today in honor of the written word, the spoken word, the verse, the humility and honesty that goes into a poem.

Because we are all connected and only by releasing our fear of ‘the other’ can we truly ever be free.