Best Week Ever

My birthday was on Tuesday. Happy Birthday to me. I turned 29. This week has been extraordinarily fantastic. Which I hope is an indication of the rest of my year/life yet to come.

Last Friday I took off to Vancouver to meet up with my sister for a Folk Festival. We don’t get to hang out a lot so it was pretty nice to chill with one of the coolest chicks I know. I rode my single gear bike around a huge city, which was an experience I don’t really advise anyone to repeat.

Then on Monday my mom was in town, took me to lunch, for ice cream and cleaned my house. I love my mom. I coincidentally found myself sans children that evening and so set up a dinner date to go for Indian which the kids never want to do.

Tuesday was my actual birthday were I got to read all the nice little birthday notes people send you on Facebook. I’m not gonna lie I like that part of Facebook and seeing who takes the time to post. A very good friend said she would make dinner and so I packed up the kids and headed over there for what turned out to be a little surprise party! And all of my most favorite local friends were there. So much love for those folks and it warmed my little heart big time that they came to my little party.

Wednesday I won a prize. A pair of feather earrings from Kalos Jewelry. Got to see Rio in the park for a family movie night put on by our local boys and girls club. And got to potluck with my friends in the park before hand. Just a really great day.

Thursday work got me ice cream cake – I LOVE ice cream cake. And then a couple friends came over to can cherries and show me how to make a chocolate treat he is always sharing with us. I don’t get a lot of company so it was super swell to open up my home to having some friends over even if the children were a little crazy.

Friday I got an iPod Touch and bought a parts computer for $50. Then I spent the day organizing and listening to my music. Which always puts me in a good mood. I now have a hard disk just for music and it’s all beautifully categorized and archived.

Today I painted at the market. You know like faces, on children. It’s one of my many jobs. Anyway I’ve always thought it would go over well and my friend now runs the market so it makes it easy on socially awkward me to arrange. I painted by donation and it was a huge hit! You can bet that any Saturday we are in town this summer I’ll be starting it by painting at the market. When I got home my Dad was in my driveway!

The guy has been meaning to get here since October when I moved in so it was pretty special that he’s here today and I get a door in my floor! I was hoping for a shed too but apparently my Dad and his friend aren’t so great at handling Ram’s. They had to abandon the project because they were getting attacked! I laugh but it absolutely is serious and quite scary to be rammed by a ram.

The weekend is only half over but my week has been extraordinary for sure. I’m so very grateful for the wonderful friends and family in my life who have made this one for the books.

Metta to you and yours.