Favorite Essential Oil Blends

I have been using essential oils in my home as a natural way to keep me and my family healthy and balanced since long before it was trendy. Before the days of DoTerra and Young Living there was a gorgeous store in my home town called Sage which sold essential oils, diffusers and a few select blends. That was decades ago.

Fast forward to today and the internet is filled with recipes, remedies and recommendations for oils to use in your home. Long ago Sage published an amazing little brochure that had everything you might ever want to know about essential oils on a legal size sheet of cardstock. That brochure was folded in my medicine cabinet for many many years before I spilled a carrier oil on it and the lettering slowly started to fade. I wrote the company asking if they perhaps still made the brochure and if I could buy one. I had referenced it so many times over the years I couldn’t really imagine my life without it. They informed me that alas due to legal restrictions on “medical” advice they were no longer allowed to publish the brochure. Continue reading Favorite Essential Oil Blends

Frugal Family

These are not my feet. This is what my sandals look like.
These are not my feet. This is what my sandals look like. My feet are way cuter than this. No offense random internet feet yours are also very nice. Great sandals.

Living on the cheap isn’t about being poor or not having nice things. For me it is about making the choice to consume less and to live more simply. When I need something I turn to the local classifieds, thrift stores and my friends first before I venture out to the store. Likely the OCD memory serves me well because if I do stock pile anything I have a photographic recollection of where it is.

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Foraging for Food

The other day I wanted to make a craft involving acorn tops which has evolved into a whole project, you gotta love life for that, why don’t I home-school again? Anyway first I had to find an ‘acorn’ tree which the kids learned is actually an Oak tree and several of them grow near the hospital where we live. We spotted them on the way to school the other day they are the only trees left with leaves on them, which is why I noticed.

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Testing and Tasting

It seems to me that if you are going to all the trouble of canning food on the premise of being self sufficient, preserving the local harvest and such that buying pectin for your jams is a little bit counter productive. I mean it’s not like your great grandmother bought her pectin from the grocery store. She made it from scratch and she likely didn’t even have to leave the larder. Continue reading Testing and Tasting

Bokashi – the movie

Bruce Mol is a friend of a friend and I was introduced to his inspiring project the other day. Last year at the Armstrong IPE they introduced a bokashi pilot program of sorts where they collected the food waster from the fair over 5 days in 45 gallon barrels. All in all they collected 1 ton of organic waste that they then shredded, added bokashi mixture, sealed and let ferment for three weeks. Continue reading Bokashi – the movie