Solstice Preparations

Many people forget or perhaps do not realize that the origins of our celebrations around this time of year are tied to the rhythms of nature from a time when we too were bound by the excessive darkness that occurs at this time of year. This week marks the shortest days of the year, those which contain the fewest hours of light. The center of that pattern being Winter Solstice. Continue reading Solstice Preparations

Foraging for Food

The other day I wanted to make a craft involving acorn tops which has evolved into a whole project, you gotta love life for that, why don’t I home-school again? Anyway first I had to find an ‘acorn’ tree which the kids learned is actually an Oak tree and several of them grow near the hospital where we live. We spotted them on the way to school the other day they are the only trees left with leaves on them, which is why I noticed.

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Best Week Ever

My birthday was on Tuesday. Happy Birthday to me. I turned 29. This week has been extraordinarily fantastic. Which I hope is an indication of the rest of my year/life yet to come.

Last Friday I took off to Vancouver to meet up with my sister for a Folk Festival. We don’t get to hang out a lot so it was pretty nice to chill with one of the coolest chicks I know. I rode my single gear bike around a huge city, which was an experience I don’t really advise anyone to repeat.
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Best Idea Ever

My kids are getting older and while they aren’t exactly staying out all hours of the night or anything they can do a lot of things for themselves. One of the things my son in particular likes to do is play music. He frequently pops in a ‘Little People’ CD and cranks it. Which after one too many renditions of ‘Wheels on the Bus’ got me to thinking he needed some new material. Enter the cassette tape. Continue reading Best Idea Ever

The Value of Art in School

I posted this in a Facebook group to inspire some conversation on the subject. The arts are being threatened with all sorts of cutbacks in my country for some strange reason people put little value on it. They forget that without artists their lives would be far duller. Art inspires, it entertains, it encourages and nourishes the very essence of what is human in us. We are unique because we can experience and appreciate art in all it’s forms.

Throughout ancient and to an extent modern history artists may have been forgotten but their work lives on. In some cases it is our best insight into the inner workings of that society. Periods and timelines are often distinguished by their art. Historically great works of art were reserved for the wealthy however even peasants frequently owned relics (often of a deity) that were crafted by an artisan. Continue reading The Value of Art in School

Happy Birthday Nicole!

I would like to wish my fantastic little sister an extremely Happy Birthday today. With this great little YouTube video that I did NOT make for you but fortunately I’ve harnessed the power of the internet to provide you with a birthday video that is worthy of a minute or two of your life after I wasted definitely more of mine.

Thanks to the Arrogant Worms for some fabulous Canadian Birthday Music.


  1. a recipe.
  2. a quote “Those who cannot teach – administrate”
    or two “Good teaching is one-quarter preparation and three-quarters theatre.”

  3. a present….guess where we are going to celebrate BOTH of our birthdays.
    I’ll give you a hint.