Fall Salads

Image by http://sweetsavorcooking.blogspot.ca
Image by http://sweetsavorcooking.blogspot.ca

Once you have started eating seasonally you start to have a whole new relationship and appreciation for lettuce. What once may have been taken for granted becomes an almost holy experience when you go without it for the better part of the year. In October heads of lettuce gradually begin getting smaller as a stark reminder of the season coming to a close and the earth going within to regenerate for another season.

We love our fall salads and eat them almost daily knowing that by the end of the month there won’t be tender greens again until April when the first few baby greens burst from the soil.

Coleslaw and kimchi replace fresh salad on our plates in the winter with most of our greens coming in the form of dehydrated leafy greens such as kale and parsley flakes or frozen spinach and chard.

Goodbye fresh salad we will miss you! See you again in April.

Seasonal Snacks: September

It’s September and that means school is back in session and that means busier schedules, lunches and after school snacks. Don’t let that be a reason to slip up on your seasonal eating habits. We are still in full swing of seasonal snack ideas with lots of options at your local market and fruit stands.

September Snack Fresh Food Ideas

  • Blueberries-Strawberries-Reduce-Heart-Attack-Risk-in-Women (Small)

    cherry tomatoes

  • pears & apples
  • celery sticks (ants on a log anyone?)
  • grapes
  • sweet peppers
  • broccoli & carrots
  • blueberries (get em fresh while you can)
  • melons
  • strawberries (if you’re lucky this is the last wave)

Salmon Jerky


Checkout this great post from Be Mindful Be Human from their jerky week! Can you say tasty?

That’s all I should have to post. We used the recipe from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook and one of the salmon I was gifted last year. Every time I prepare one of those fish I am compelled toward gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful animal that gave it’s life to feed me. They are gorgeous fish, I can’t believe we are still eating them. Continue reading Salmon Jerky