Apricots and Raspberries

We are still picking raspberries. My God. Still. I need a scale to weigh just how many kilos of raspberries we’ve picked. A bloody lot. Raspberries, berries in general do not travel well and by the time the bucket is full and the berries are rinsed they are pretty much mush. Which makes good fruit leather and that is what we have been making.
Note to self: Wax paper is not a good substitute for a fruit leather tray in the dehydrator.
Second note to self: purchase additional fruit leather trays.
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Summer Diets

Our affiliations with food fascinate me. What we eat, when we eat, how we choose it, historically and on an individual basis are all things that I (pardon the pun) am hungry to learn.

I do not eat very much. It’s not a diet or weight thing, I certainly eat when I am hungry I just am so darn busy that I don’t have opportunity to eat a whole lot. Apparently this is a common theme among those who work with the land. This weekend I had the opportunity to chat with one of my favorite local farmers, at a music festival of all places, and apparently his primary diet in the summer is beer! Ha! Continue reading Summer Diets

Concerning Cows

I now know why cattle farmers never seem to particularly ‘like’ cows. It always struck me as odd that you would be engaged with an animal every day and seem to have no attachment to it. But now I get it. I don’t like cows. They are dumb and difficult.

Recently up at our practice farm a bull was dropped off. The intention being that he would breed with our milking cow so that we get a calf and milk next year. This was the thought and intention. The bull however within 10 minutes of unloading him had taken out about 6 of our fences and didn’t show any signs of stopping. Continue reading Concerning Cows


Why do we live in a society were it is cheaper and FAR more convenient for me to drive my car with my two kids four hours to the largest urban center than it is to take a bus? For us to ride the Greyhound is well over $100. $180 actually that is a guess based on the trip to Vancouver – ONE WAY. Greyhound won’t actually give me a rate to Tsawwassen. And we have to leave at noon which means I lose those hours of work and pull the kids out of school. $30 for all of us to ride the ferry over and no wonder I have never taken my kids to visit my sister on the island.
Compare that to me driving my small car which would cost less than $80 in fuel add in say $40 for wear and tear, $8 for the park n’ ride and you still have a better deal. Plus I can leave after school so we all get our day in and I don’t lose additional dollars.

Now my problem is, I want to take the bus. I want to travel lighter on the earth and be part of the solution but that just doesn’t make sense!