April is Poetry Month

Art is what makes us human. It defines us as unique from the rest of the animal kingdom because we can conceptualize and contemplate something that another has created. Art inspires us, it reminds us of our vulnerability and our own mortality. It stirs our emotions and stokes the fires of our hearts to continue, to endure, to have compassion, to be kind. Continue reading April is Poetry Month


“Hello world.”
She said with a smile.
Rested her hands on her knees.
Drew a breath and then while

she sat still
the world paused,
got bigger and then
everything slowed.
She exhaled. And then did it again.

For Frank

I wrote this after a workshop in which the above mentioned looked absolutely wretched, miserable and to be honest near tears. My heart went out to the soulful honest fellow though I didn’t have the bravery to give it to him. I hope he likes it should I get the guts. Continue reading For Frank