Words to Live By

Turn off the TV
And plant a garden

Get off the couch
And play a game

Don’t hit snooze
Drink a tea on the porch

Don’t do it tomorrow
Start today & take aim

Life is not work
Find joy in what you do

Eat food you enjoy
Let food inspire you

Take a deep breath
And now slowly exhale

Tell the truth
Be mindful of the task at hand

Watch your children
Listen to the breeze

Take a walk
Have a quiet conversation

Learn a new word
Teach someone something

Don’t judge
Be gentle with yourself

Stay active

Turn off your TV
And read a book

Keep off the ____ please.

Welcome to my….
Please tread lightly
Softer than it appears.
We have a quiet balance here
Take what you need.
Give if you take.
I hope you like it.
I want you to feel Welcome.

Wonderful having you here
Please have a seat.
I have no chairs.
We prefer to feel the ground.
Pain turns to beauty.
Beauty to pain.
I hope you will stay
I have so much to tell you.

Isn’t it peaceful?
What do you hear?
There is always music.
I learned something today.
Thank you,
For enjoying it with me.

The earth was warm today.
I wonder how long until rain?
I love the smell when it rains.
And the changing of the seasons.
She is hard at work.
The words are quiet,
You must listen.
Tell me a story….

Darkness & Light
Blindness & Sight
Before you is all I am
A picturesque scene in a forgotten land.

Life shimmers around you and through you it coarses
You feel it?
Your life.
Your beauty.
Your Self.
That energy feeds all creation;
It is all that you see
All that IS.

Sickness & Health
Poverty & Wealth
Have little meaning to me
Ours is a way long lost to your kind.

You see me because you have found your way here
You cannot yet stay.
I know your Self.
First show others the way
You may always return
It will be inside you.

Energy is all that IS. Know your Self.

You are beautiful

New Life


Life it seems has taken an unexpected turn.
Things – once abandoned now needed.

The word takes on new meaning
Love swells & makes you feel incredibly full.
You seek answers in previously unexpected places
Sons, daughters, mothers, fathers
People you don’t dream you will be.

Life it seems has new meaning
Values clearer,
Choices cloudier,
The now is now so precious.