For Frank

I wrote this after a workshop in which the above mentioned looked absolutely wretched, miserable and to be honest near tears. My heart went out to the soulful honest fellow though I didn’t have the bravery to give it to him. I hope he likes it should I get the guts. Continue reading For Frank

Words to Live By

Turn off the TV
And plant a garden

Get off the couch
And play a game

Don’t hit snooze
Drink a tea on the porch

Don’t do it tomorrow
Start today & take aim

Life is not work
Find joy in what you do

Eat food you enjoy
Let food inspire you

Take a deep breath
And now slowly exhale

Tell the truth
Be mindful of the task at hand

Watch your children
Listen to the breeze

Take a walk
Have a quiet conversation

Learn a new word
Teach someone something

Don’t judge
Be gentle with yourself

Stay active

Turn off your TV
And read a book


I have always found people to be a disappointment.
I thought it was from expecting too much,
Now having learned friends are fleeting.
I realize that my assumptions are as such:

No one wants to hear the truth about themselves,
Finding the right words and way was so hard.
To gather the courage to finally spill my feelings,
Only to find our hearts splayed all over the yard.

If anyone was to tell me the truth,
I would want it to come from a friend.
Someone who loves you despite your faults,
Who would stay with you through the end.

These people are difficult to find and to trust,
In a sea of the fallacious and misleading.
Words seem to mean so little to some,
Yet they are the first to start reading.

Jumping to conclusions assuming with poor judgment.
Do they not know my heart is pure and true?
Wanting to produce an open relationship,
Where people mean what they say and do.

It pains me much to think of what has been lost,
The list of the forgotten is long.
Is it so much to ask to be understood?
I can hear the feelings expressed in a song.

So why then am I misinterpreted?
And taken to be out to hurt?
All I want is to be honest and truthful.
Instead you make me feel like dirt.

They wonder why I am closed and friendless,
It is people who make me so cold.
If I detach my heart from my head,
I might not go crazy before I am old.


It seems to hold no surprise for me
that yet another young life has passed.
When is it going to be me or my best friend?

It was only yesterday I saw your glad face
never thinking of what lay instore.
Why do we never say a proper good bye?

So confident we’ll see each other again.
I’ll miss you.
Should have kissed you when I had the chance.

You live on in our memories & our minds
Your ideals, courage, hopes & loves
The ones I know I won’t forget.
I still hear your voice & your laugh & that smile….

It haunts me for now, but is comforting to know you’re so near.
Peace, hope It’s beautiful, you have earned a rest.

~ all my love
Danielle I will never forget you & your inspiring love for your son


Sitting here amongst you and all I’m thinking is how I’m going to miss you all as you slowly drift away. Ever notice how time moves so fast & you can never quite grasp the thing you think you should. Think you’ll be remembered for the great things you’ve accomplished, not for long. Nothing yet. Play their game but don’t get stuck in the web. No more for humanity sorry to say. Far too distracted to see you saving grace. Study every face. Reach a higher place. Pray for the human race. Turn around, don’t look beind you. Do you want to see. I do. I spy. I wish. I seem to die. Then I cry. I don’t know why. I’m going to miss you.

The infamous 'They'

They say the world is going to end
They pray the world is going to change
They give you updates on war as though it’ll get better
The try to tell you all about the weather
Thy say fifty two percent of marriages fail
They say they put your check in the mail

They say the children are starving
They say the children are fighting
They know all about your love and your life
They try to control how you act and choose a wife
They made all the rules
They broke all of us fools

They laugh at the things that they say
They cry out holding hands while they pray
The say it’s going to rain…