Daylight Savings

Tonight we all lose an hour of sleep, the groundhog saw his shadow and I got a notice in my mailbox yesterday that said it was time to clean up my yard all of which point to one very exciting fact: spring is in the air.
And as I go through my notebook and review the list of goals I sought to accomplish I am pleased to be able to put a great big checkmark next to most of those things. On to the outdoor goal list.

Living in a trailer park I realize that it is going to be even more difficult to push the boundaries than if I were in your average subdivision or even back at my great little place downtown. (more…)

Dear Crayola…

Please stop making gimmicky felts that my children lose interest in almost immediately. It’s wasteful and makes me sad. Stick to what you are good at and cardboard containers only please. Thanks.

These include the felts that are ‘invisible’ except when you draw on special paper, the felts that you ‘twist’ up to color with instead of putting a cap on, the felts that you press to another felt inside that makes it a different color, the felts that change (more…)

I bought a house!

Whew. After almost 4 years of searching and being indecisive I finally got off the pot and did it. I committed. I tied myself down. I moved all my stuff out of storage and into my very own home. The plan is to not move again until my kids are out of elementary school at least.
With a move there are always projects. The things you want to do to make better, make it livable or just make it yours. My project list is long at moment. Daunting even for a single mom to tackle on her own. Thankfully I do have friends and hopefully they will want to help. (more…)

A Day at the Fair

While it may seem slightly contradictory to pretty much everything I believe in and stand for my kids and I went to the fair when it was in town this weekend. Like all good adventures we didn’t plan on it it just sort of happened. We were looking for something to do on a Sunday after 4-H, our hike plans bailed and we were feeling kind of lazy one of the 4-Hers mentioned that she was going to the fair that afternoon and so….up the hill we went.

Coming Together

It is inspiring to see what can happen when we come together for a common goal. One of my favorite things in life is to be a part of those moments. Recently in my community a project was put forth that would see chemically treated wood chipped and burned in an incinerator. The company was from out of province and there was no consultation done with the public before the Province gave them the green light. Even our city council was opposed but we all know how powerless they are to do much of anything. A core group of concerned citizens managed to organize rally’s and public forums which led to an eventual forum in which the head of the company finally came to answer some questions we had regarding their plans. The end result being that all the fuss and negative publicity surrounding the project has them thinking twice about building it here. The federal funding is in jeopardy the program it was funded through has never seen opposition like this for any of it’s projects and isn’t too sure it wants to.

All because some people came together to make their voices heard.
Because someone took the time to stand up and say, “Hey, that isn’t right.”