Coming Together

It is inspiring to see what can happen when we come together for a common goal. One of my favorite things in life is to be a part of those moments. Recently in my community a project was put forth that would see chemically treated wood chipped and burned in an incinerator. The company was from out of province and there was no consultation done with the public before the Province gave them the green light. Even our city council was opposed but we all know how powerless they are to do much of anything. A core group of concerned citizens managed to organize rally’s and public forums which led to an eventual forum in which the head of the company finally came to answer some questions we had regarding their plans. The end result being that all the fuss and negative publicity surrounding the project has them thinking twice about building it here. The federal funding is in jeopardy the program it was funded through has never seen opposition like this for any of it’s projects and isn’t too sure it wants to.

All because some people came together to make their voices heard.
Because someone took the time to stand up and say, “Hey, that isn’t right.”

Too often we get caught up in “What can I do? I’m just one person.”
You are a single person.
We are just people.
And together we are more.
We have been convinced otherwise but more and more are proving that to be untrue. And the methods by which we are connecting are expanding.

Within a few short years of it’s inception we knew the internet would change our lives. Nearly three years later Facebook is a word few fail to recognize and even Twitter has connected people all over the globe in 140 characters or less. Sites that enable others to join a network of their peers are proving to be an invaluable resource in connecting and bringing people together so that they can act. I this is key. When we act together with one united voice that is when we change the world. And what a beautiful thing that is….