Consolidation and Time Management

Sometimes I feel like I live a double life and I suppose in some respects I do. There is one side that lives with simplicity and humility in this tiny trailer, in the open air, sweating my ass off in the heat, picking, weeding, building and doing what I do largely alone. And then there is this other side that hits the road (often randomly) to discover live music, large crowds, adventure and experience at every opportunity – I still don’t like movie theatres. This weekend I was to be found in Calgary (of all places) at a Folk Festival. Did you know the Calgary Folk Fest is over 30 years old? Holy Crap. I had no idea. I am rather in the dark about these things sometimes.

Of course there are many other facets to myself and personality that vary in degrees about myself but you can pretty simply boil me down to music and food. Oh and I write a fair bit.

So what I am thinking that I ought to do since I have the desire to make my life simpler and not more complicated is consolidate several projects into one. This is to be the place because, well, I like this domain name. I will be moving many of my musical writings over to this blog as I redirect into fewer directions. Maybe one day there will be a blog or magazine that I put the effort into writing for again but for now this is simpler.

Up first: notes on the Calgary Folk Fest and Michael Franti. I honestly, swear to God, had no idea who Michael Franti was before this weekend. I am telling you this beause I already quit my job and no one is going to fire me for being so in the dark. And he’s outside my genre so piss off. Notes to follow, I may even sort them.