Daisy & Duke

I miss you – Plain & Simple
Everything about you – Physical & Mental
I say good night – I say good morning
When you’re there & not
I beg you – Time & Again
Find forgiveness – For myself
I will try – Always & Forever
Everlasting – Care & Affection
I give my all – Work or Play
Every moment I treasure – A Gift, An Honor
I want to care for you – Old & Young
Find your sore spots & step carefully
I’m not afraid anymore & I was
For I found Strength & Wisdom
In you I believe & Trust
I don’t find my lessons unuseful though
I want you to see me as I see you
Fragile & Wise
Foolish & Strong
Right & sometimes Wrong
Always Caring
Ready to Listen
Trying to understand – though hard sometimes
I miss you – plain and simple