Drifting in a Sea

It seems I have lost my focus a little in the past few months. In February I found out that our plans would not be able to go ahead on the downtown property as I had planned. This threw me a little as I had envisioned a lot of really great things happening there.
I’ve been blessed to make connections with two really amazing families and the direction shifted to partnering with them to build something together. Instead where I found myself was trying to be all things to all people and winding up being little to everyone. I’ve been split between roughly four jobs for the past three months. We live in a van and have no permanent residence as it stands.

This makes it a little hard to work on permaculture.
Or have goats, or chickens, or even hang your laundry for pete sake though I have sorted that issue out. (we don’t do very much laundry)

While I still have the same goals I am finding it hard to achieve them without knowing where that will take shape. I make a decision and then two weeks later I find myself wavering, wondering and questioning what to do all over again.

What I want is rather simple:

To educate my children.
To grow more of our own food.
To live simply, in harmony with nature and it’s seasons.

Our goals for the year? Hard to say even still. I live completely and utterly in the moment. More so than ever before. It is a beautiful thing. I am not stressed, not worried, I seem to keep losing things (which is odd for me) but am at peace. What I have though is a burning desire to transform a landscape into something amazing. Into something productive. Into something that makes people think twice about our current land use. That is my project. I just don’t know how it is going to take shape….