Dry clothes forever for $40 and some time

I finally did it. I hung a clothesline. I now have a 40ft made mostly by nature clothes dryer and it cost me $40 whole dollars. It was surprisingly easy to hang also granted I had some help.

First we screwed in two hooks to studs coming off the house and the garage one of said studs was high up so there was some precarious ladder climbing involved. We thread the wire through each of the reels and into the winch tightener thingy. A couple muscular turns and viola! Clothesline.

Hardest part was finding somewhere sturdy clear and safe to string it. Oh and cutting the darn wire wasn’t easy either thank goodness for wire cutters. I’ve read on BC Hydro’s website that you can actually string a wire off a utility pole so long as it is just a hook and someone can unhook it easily if they need access. Best to give them a call first if you are considering this option.

We also have a mini retractable clothesline for in the house to hang the, um, more delicate items. That one was just as easy to install; two screws in the wall for the unit and screwing a hook into a stud for the other end. We don’t actually own a dryer which means hanging clothes is our only method and I am completely ok with that.