Like so many women I have struggled with my femininity in this male dominated world.

Giving birth to my two older children opened the door just a crack into the possibility of embracing being a woman. But still I feared my own feminine power.

pregnant3Recently I had the good fortune to join an online celebration of women who gathered together in what they called the “Red Tent Revival” where women from all different disciplines shared their story of how they took control of their female essence.

The time for equality is now. We have tried being men and took the board room by storm. We have proved our worth in a man’s world now we need to show our men what is possible through partnership and true equality.

Men and women are different for a reason. It is not a battle of the sexes it is a combining of forces to create something more than what either of us could do alone.

Here I will share what I learn and encourage you to explore your own true potential.

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