For Frank

I wrote this after a workshop in which the above mentioned looked absolutely wretched, miserable and to be honest near tears. My heart went out to the soulful honest fellow though I didn’t have the bravery to give it to him. I hope he likes it should I get the guts.

Let’s play a game (I like games)
That I know your name (oh what’s in a name… oooh ahhh)
And then I say ‘Hi’ when you’re nearby and sometimes when you’re not.

And then you’ll know
When you’re playing a show
That someone cares even when they’re not there & that’s quite a lot.

So now that you know
How my game goes
You can look on out, at the crowd, see me smiling and singing loud.
New friends are never quite like the old ones
But you’ll never know til you got one
We’re all the same
Now tell me what’s your name
Let’s see what you’ve got.

Naturally there is music behind this one which cannot be relayed online via my crappy laptop and lack of musical theory so if you want me to sing it to you well… I guess you’ll have to come and find me. Or figure something out for yourself. When I have a house again and my piano in it perhaps these things will happen.