Heaven on Earth

I believe in Heaven on Earth. Or rather that Earth is our Heaven.

If we so choose to create it to be that way.

I believe we have the ability to build cities, communities, neighbourhoods and businesses that nourish and enrich our lives.

I believe economic and financial wealth are constructs that have enslaved us. That we have literally become the slaves of corporations, organizations and systems that seek only to ensure their survival, not ours.

Ultimately what do we need the systems of society to provide us to thrive?

  • safe housing or shelter
  • food
  • clean water
  • clean air
  • healthcare

That’s it. The rest of our needs are met through relationship with other humans. No corporations required.

In Western society, thanks to capitalism and colonization we are rich beyond our wildest imaginations. So much so that we take up ridiculous pursuits to occupy ourselves and some have accumulated astounding wealth. While others among us struggle to survive.

This seems odd.

We have placed our values in the wrong things and this has led to the creation of our own suffering. To make matters worse we have spread that suffering across the globe with world markets and economies to sustain a modern lifestyle.

I believe humanity is capable of more.

If companies stopped trying to sell us things and started to meet the above mentioned needs that we would see the transformation of society.

The role of government is to do what the people will not or cannot do for themselves.

I believe housing should be free. That “income properties” harm the fabric of society and should be against the law. That no one should profit off of housing. Earning a living at the expense of someone who cannot afford their own home ensures the perpetuation of poverty.

Land use decisions are one of the most significant indicators of community well being. I believe all empty spaces: lawns, parks, boulevards should be thoughtfully planned, tended and cared for. School yards that are nothing more than giant soccer fields devoid of rocks, logs, plants and loose parts rob children of the opportunity to learn about the world around them, to learn how to treat it with respect and with care. Nature parks that are left untended to go “wild” are a missed opportunity to incorporate food for both humans, plants and insects into our environment; they represent neglect to care for the land that supports us. Backyards that are designed to be neglected represent how disconnected we are from what nourishes our well-being; instead of tending a garden we adorn our homes with metal leaves on the walls and other decor inspired by the world that is literally outside our door.

I believe those who do not want to do yardwork can live in apartments. This feels like a reasonable solution. Let those who will tend the land around their homes have opportunity to do so. And if you want more space, get a bigger apartment.

I believe we can feed ourselves from our own backyards. That by reconnecting to a diet from our local environment we can restore our relationship to the land. We have enough food preservation techniques and technologies that will allow even the most Northern of inhabitants to access a nourishing diet that will ensure their long term health.

I believe small farms and food production that builds ecosystems and diversity within themselves instead of monocultures will shelter us from the inevitable effects of climate change that will threaten our current food systems. That land broken up into small acreages will limit pesticide and fossil fuel usage, reduce meat consumption and increase diversity.

I believe all waterways should be surrounded by a green belt and hedgerow on either side of them. That the course ways must always be restored to allow fish to swim freely through their lengths. Not dammed with no access around or buried under concrete and fed through culverts. That we should build beautiful bridges to cross when we encounter them and build our homes around them.

I believe airplanes are a scourge on our planet. Yes they are amazing and allow us to be transported to other places and open our eyes to the world but at what cost? I would argue the lessons you need to learn about the world can be learned right outside your back door and should you wish to travel to other worlds let that be a journey. A massive undertaking that is not a shortcut to your own self serving.

I believe our buildings can be constructed to be beautiful. that we have the wealth, labour and technology to build architecture that brings a smile to your face and feels good to be in.

I believe your work should feed your soul. Teachers, doctors, nurses and indeed all workers who are simply in it for the paycheque harm our most vulnerable because they simply don’t care. If this is you or you are bad at your job I implore you to start seeking deep into your Self and ask what you’d rather be doing.

I believe in a living wage and capping wealth. I believe in high taxes and a world government to enforce human rights, labour laws, and monitor wealth.

I believe the ability of corporations to act as independent entities harms human society. It removes accountability. It allows us to hide, lie, cheat, steal and sneak our way to riches.

I believe money does not make you rich.

I believe clean air, good food, clean water and a safe home with compassionate people around you makes you rich.

I believe hard work enriches your soul.

I believe we are depressed and miserable because we have strived to make life “easy” and so we waste away our days scrolling, typing, clicking and driving when we could be conversing, creating and celebrating this incredible existence that has been bestowed upon us.

I believe Heaven exists right here on Earth should we choose to stop putting ourselves through Hell.