Hello world!

How could I change such a marvelous title!

Welcome to my latest and quite possibly greatest project. This is a blog that will amuse you with my hilarity and antics of email addiction. You can solicit email from perfect strangers pretty much everywhere on the web. I have often tossed around the idea of sharing some of the best responses with the world for all to see and enjoy. I have recently been inspired to stop thinking about it and take action!

And without further ado this was written to a user whose name was “Just So Tired” they had actually sent me an email first and here is the response:

Does your name refer to you being tired of dating or tired in general?
In all honesty it isn’t really the greatest name!!

Regardless you seem like an introspective and moderately self aware person who has more to them than what they watched on TV last week which is a plus. (I don’t watch tv – YouTube…well I am addicted – people are funny!!)

…..blah blah blah…. some crap about interests and life …..blah blah…..

– K

And often I forget just how I am going to be taken because in the written format you do not have the ability to show someone you are smiling or have the best of intentions with your direct pointed questions….

So an honest reply, I respect that.
Do you think that you have me pegged so quickly as moderatly self aware? You strike me as smart enough to realize I wouldn’t put all of me out in a single paragraph for total strangers. But maybe not, I guess we shall see.

I’m intrigued though. You don’t seem to shy away from your opinions. At first I was taken back but then started to chuckle. And so a game then, tell me what you think you know about me from a few short sentences.

I will give you a clue …blah blah blah……the clue goes here… blah blah blah…..

I hope this email doesn’t have a bitter tone to it as that isn’t my intent. I got a kick out of your email. Granted it took me a bit to try and figure out how to respond. I liked that though. You get pretty generic notes from people for the most part. I look forward to what your going to say next (I think)

And of course I had a marvelous response where I pretty much pegged the guy for exactly the kind of person he was. That about it for this set of amusing conversation but please do check in for more!!