I bought a house!

Whew. After almost 4 years of searching and being indecisive I finally got off the pot and did it. I committed. I tied myself down. I moved all my stuff out of storage and into my very own home. The plan is to not move again until my kids are out of elementary school at least.
With a move there are always projects. The things you want to do to make better, make it livable or just make it yours. My project list is long at moment. Daunting even for a single mom to tackle on her own. Thankfully I do have friends and hopefully they will want to help.
Before the snow flies I’ll be redoing the roof with tin and installing covered gutters round the entire house. The idea is to get the cleanest rain water collection possible for outside use. The rain barrels are here and ready to go. The majority of my roof is already tin however there are a couple additions that have asphalt shingles which I’ll cover with the tin. I have a huge gorgeous maple that rains leaves and debris onto the side of my house so by covering my gutters I hope to eliminate many of the problems that would otherwise cause.

The other project I’d like to complete before winter is landscaping the front of my place to remove all the grass (ug grass) and put in a tea garden. I love tea and it tastes even better when you grow it yourself. Some staples that I’ll put in include mint, chamomile and calendula. I’ll also be adding lavender and echinaca. If anyone has ideas of what might grow well and taste good in my tea garden please comment!

Inside I’ll get it done in bits and pieces. I have two bathrooms and would like to put composting toilets in at least one of them. Also redirect the grey water from our tub and washer into the gardens. There is no laundry line currently and the door outside is a bit far from the washer so what I plan on doing is putting in a shutter door in the covered porch so that I can hang my laundry out the window!

Over the winter I’ll plan the gardens. I have a small amount of yard and a big cherry tree in the middle of it. Decent exposure, lovely soil and plenty of rain/household water to feed it all. The long term plan is to make the entire property a mini food forest with some vegetable gardens.

My daughter went back to her school as opposed to home schooling. We are in a great school that affords opportunities and curriculum outside the norm of public school. What with me being a single mom it made sense to keep up with that. September always brings about change and this has been no exception with a whirlwind of it all at once in mine. I’ll be glad to settle in for October.