I say bring it.

Bring on economic collapse.

Bring on staying home instead of eating out.

Bring on saving instead of spending.

Bring on thinking twice about what we buy.

Bring on pooling social resources.

Bring on eating locally and in season because it’s cheaper.

Bring on preserving food when it is in abundance.

Bring on being thrifty and getting it second hand.

Here’s to the SUV no longer ‘being cool’.

Here’s to reusing and regifting.

Here’s to taking responsibility for ourselves.

Here’s to helping those around us.

Here’s to my spending speaking for me.

Here’s to letting your lawn die.

Here’s to community gardens. To eating and wearing homemade. To community potlucks and sharing skills. To freecyclers everywhere and not throwing it out.

To all the things that have dramatically shifted and changed in the last twenty years. If the rest of the world is going to copy us or be forced to be more like us we had really ought to get it right.

Soften the world with a smile.