Keep off the ____ please.

Welcome to my….
Please tread lightly
Softer than it appears.
We have a quiet balance here
Take what you need.
Give if you take.
I hope you like it.
I want you to feel Welcome.

Wonderful having you here
Please have a seat.
I have no chairs.
We prefer to feel the ground.
Pain turns to beauty.
Beauty to pain.
I hope you will stay
I have so much to tell you.

Isn’t it peaceful?
What do you hear?
There is always music.
I learned something today.
Thank you,
For enjoying it with me.

The earth was warm today.
I wonder how long until rain?
I love the smell when it rains.
And the changing of the seasons.
She is hard at work.
The words are quiet,
You must listen.
Tell me a story….