Living Regret

Inside myself I am empty
Filled with want, need and greed
Outside myself I am growing
Constantly being fufilled

Inside myself I am ugly
Full of hate, resentment and torture
Outside myself you think I am beautiful
A vision of loveliness that can be seen from afar

Inside myself I am angry
For the things the lesser endure
Outside myself I am angry
Aft myself for not doing more

So show me a way to bring the outside in
To feel the warmth in my head in my heart
There is a stone wall around me that has kept me safe
But has also kept me afar

Why then do I shed tears?
Only for myself and what may happen to me.
I care not for your compassion or pity.
I have none to offer you.
A logical understanding is all I have.
Perhaps it is our own faults?
As I hold myself wholly responsible for being here.