Making your own Bokashi Bran

A small group of people wanted to give a new idea a try. We’d heard about bokashi composting and thought to ourselves ‘hey I’d like to do that.’ When the costs mounted ever higher what once seemed like a simple project turned into an investment. And thus the Bokashi group was formed.

We made our bran at a friends place on May 8th. Instructions are below:

What you need to bring:

  • A rubbermaid type container in which to mix and do the initial innoculation (2 – 4 weeks duration) of your bokashi bran in.
  • A plastic bag large enough to cover the surface area of your bokashi bran (a garbage bag will work fine).
  • A container which can hold up to 3 L’s of liquid with room to spare for mixing the water, innoculant and molasses.

Optional things to bring (but would really help things go more smoothly):

  • 4 litre milk jug or other suitable container, cleaned and filled with tap water that has sat for a minimum of
  • 24hrs uncovered to get rid of the chlorine in it (we need non chlorine water for a making of the bran, I would like extra to cover spills, evaporation, contamination etc – murphy’s law stuff).
  • 1 or 2 L liquid measuring cups (these are usually glass but can also be plastic).
  • A measuring jigger – like a shooter glass but with measurement units on it (teaspoon, tablespoon, ounces), if you do not have one but a have a shooter glass or two you would be willing to bring that would help too.

By Deanna