My cold quiet thoughts

Heavy flannel quilts on beds
Grandmas woolen hats on heads
Cotton stockings and long underwear
Shortened days and cool morning air
Gathering long heavy skirts
Buttoning cozy flannel shirts

Bundling up in the hall
Heading out to enjoy fall
Sounds of children’s distant laughter
Chasing each other around and after
Foggy breath and rosy noses
Listening to stories the children composed

Fallen leaves put gardens to rest
Work begins to preserve the harvest
Pumpkins and corn, apples and pears
Food for people, deer and bears
Apron dusted with spots of flour
Darkness falling near supper hour

Stoves come on and get hot
Squash soup bubbling in the pot
Spiders and mice come inside
Looking for a warm place to hide
Curling up and a cup of tea
Feels a lot like fall to me