My Realistic Green Wish List

Well obviously there are some big ones but one thing at a time or just five.

1. Spring is coming so getting rid of the gas lawn mower for a push one is definitely on it.

2. Rain barrels for collecting roof water too. It is going to take a bit of work to figure out that one or maybe it will be simple. I’ll keep you posted.

3. We should all collect our grey water and use it to flush the toilet. Too much grey water? Shame on you or you are awesome… water the lawn with it.

4. Never accept another plastic bag, ever. Ok so I am sooo close on this one I loathe the things yet I still have them. Don’t accept plastic bags.

5. Buy everything locally. Admittedly this is a big task and really lots of little tasks. Every item counts.

.: Be good to yourself and to others :.

2 thoughts on “My Realistic Green Wish List”

  1. On the plastic bag post – I filled my cart today at the grocery store and realized I had not brought my green bags. So I paid, refilled the cart, then the car, then into the house and away – sans bags :)

  2. We can help with goal #1 – friends moved into a townhouse last year and gave us their push mower – so now we have two – if you would like it contact us. Take care. PS I love you site.

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