No Service.

One of the things I love about my house is that there is no cell service inside it. You have to go into the driveway to get service. We discovered it when the house was inspected. When I went to pay their little wireless terminal didn’t work in the house we had to go out to the truck.

I don’t own a cell phone. Never have. People ask me why not. One of my friends argued that I had to have one to carry on in my line of work. Truth is I spend enough time staring at a screen as it is. When I am out in the world I want to be just that, in the world, not looking down at a tiny screen trying to decipher a cryptic text message.

Admittedly there are many times where I think to myself having a cell phone would be handy right about now. Heck if I had a cell phone I would probably be sharing a lot more of the visual beauty of my life with you. You would probably even get a weekly sketch. I enjoy the hurdle, the barrier, the limitation and small reminder of what life used to be like.

I used to be a guide for a trail riding outfit. We had one of the first ever cell phones, you know the ones that resembled a small brick with an antennae on the end. My boss used to carry it around in a fanny pack (which was lame even then – sorry Silver) the thing was a beast and we could never find it. We used to bring it with us on rides when no one was left at the corral.
One day I came in on my day off to take out a single person 3 hour ride, it was a young girl, experienced with horses, it was supposed to be fun, paid fun. I didn’t know of a 3 hour loop, I knew a 4 hour loop and a 2 hour loop but not 3 hours so I went out on a 1 hour loop and then planned to double back and wind up on the 2 hour trail.

Long story shorter she fell off and wouldn’t get back on her horse. Fortunately I had the beast of a cell phone, unfortunately it was locked and I had not been informed of the code. And so I walked the hour back to the corral on foot leading two horses in 40 degree weather. In retrospect maybe that is why I don’t like cell phones!