I’ve published my most private thoughts and expressions of poetry here in the form of a collection. There are hundreds of poems/songs I have written over the years and I will continue to add pieces as I have the time and courage to share them. There may be gaps where a notebook was lost, burned, torn to bits (I’m kidding I probably just lost it) or periods where there were a flurry of things written. Sometimes I feel like they write themselves and I am merely copying it down from somewhere.

It is my hope that who ever might happen across this place takes a moment to pause, reflect, smile and cherish their own journey to a more whole and centered version of themselves. Reading these poems and writing them down all these years later reminds me of how far I have come on my personal journey and to be gentle with myself as I continue down the path of learning. Oh and how far I have yet to go!

Metta to you all. Enjoy.

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