Here are just a few of the very kind things folks have said about me.

Most of them have come in the form of cards so I will do my best to get those on here. Much of my online time is spent on client work ;)

I have no idea how to update my website even though the designer said it would be easy I just can’t seem to manage to figure it out. But writing Krystal an email is super easy! I love getting her emails back saying ‘All done!’. She is so speedy and always adds just the right touch.

– Meredith G.

It would have taken me forever to write all of the pages Krystal wrote for me. Honestly I probably never would have done it and it would have nagged at me constantly. A friend suggested I hire Krystal to mock up some of my product descriptions and vision statements. It feels so good to have all of that done and available for me to use whenever I need to. I am so very glad I did.

– Tracy

I love working with Krystal!! She totally gets it.

– Susan P.