Pre-Summer Excitement

SO many stories to tell. Summer is finally here, Solstice has passed the moon is full and the days are long and warm. We’ve had a great spring for mushrooms and the local morels are pouring into our tummies and the dehydrator. Grass is tall because of all the rain which is good news for all our pastured animals.

I have successfully transitioned my cats to a raw diet. It took roughly a week, maybe a little more. I started by switching them to cooked meat instead of traditional cat food. They ate the chicken breast and left overs from our dinner for a few days and then I cooked them up a dish of liver. I didn’t cook it through though and left it a little raw on the insides. Gradually I cooked their food less and less. I was always cutting it up for them as well and so I started giving them larger chunks of meat to deal with. On Friday just over a week since I started I fed them raw cut up chicken hearts which they gobbled greedily. It’s since been three days and I have only fed them raw food. I have stopped cutting it up for them even though I admittedly do cut up cow liver or larger chicken bits into cat steak sized portions. I’m not sure how impressed my house cat is about the whole idea (she’s kind of a priss) but the hunter of the pair is quite happy and bounding around all over the place.

My last day of conventional work was on Friday. Congratulations to me I no longer have an office job. Though I sort of do because I am helping out in the office around here on Wednesdays and when the other folks are out of town.

There is internet in my trailer! Hooray. So you will be hearing a lot more from me lately as we have done most of our settling in and can get back to life as usual. Whatever that is.

And the chickens are coming. I was able to track down a small number of Araucana hens. These will be our first heritage bird addition to our flock of ISA Browns so I am very excited to have the girls here.