I have been part of many many projects over the years and played various roles in their growth and development.

Below are some of my favorite accomplishments.

A Forest School Community

Currently I run a unique outdoor adventure program for preschool and kindergarten aged children. This organization puts relationships first; the relationship to the children and families involved, the people we work with and the land we work on.

Through compromise, collaboration and conversation we have strived to inspire care providers to put learning through play back into the heart of their work. Speaking to children with respect and encouraging them to be kind and capable students entering our school system.


A Beautiful Childcare Center

In 2014 I set out on one of the richest and most rewarding experiences of my life and created a community where parents felt safe and at ease about leaving their children in childcare. We learned about the many systemic barriers that prevent childcare from living up to its true potential to support and enrich the lives of families.

We designed indoor and outdoor play spaces that were beautiful, welcoming and warm.

A Food Security Program

In 2013 the Kamloops Food Policy council received a grant to create a gleaning program. As the first coordinator I had the opportunity to design and implement the structure of the program from the ground up with the support of their wonderful committee members.

A Grazing Consultant

In 2010 I was invited by a family managing a 2.5 acre farm to help them learn how to best manage their limited pasture. This led to me and my two young children living in this trailer for six months while I helped them establish their farm.

It was an opportunity to see how integrated land-use decisions impact neighbours, land and water resources.

A Family Hub

When I moved to Kamloops in 2008 as a single parent to two young children I didn’t know anything about the community. As I met people and learned all of the incredible things Kamloops had to offer I realized there were many parents like me and started Kamloops Parents which at it’s height was a community of thousands of parents.