Random Break the Mould Thoughts

If you could live as though money were no object how would you live?

In a home, not too big, with a wood stove and a well. Large yards permaculture landscaped.
I would stay home with my children and teach them about the world. Do crafts, projects, dioramas, read stories and other activities to facilitate learning.
We would cook together and learn about food preparation.

In the warm months we would spend our days in the garden caring for plants and our small animals. And in the cold months we would craft, cook, make music and read.

A 3.5 acre property with an old demo house….
This this this this. Create a business plan and make this happen. You can get a loan to do this. 3.5 acres!
You can build it – they will come – oh man will they come. Eco CENTER!!!

Available earth loving, whole food cooking, sustainable practicing teacher, cook and care giver.

Must provide:

  •                 warm, wood heated, adequate shelter for me and my two children
  •                 space to garden
  •                 open hearts and minds
  •                 no to do lists