Hiring me is like having an administrative super hero in your back pocket.

When I took my first mat leave at 21 years old, the financial company I worked for hired 3 people to replace. The last two decades of experience both as an employee, business owner and consultant have deepened my knowledge of all aspects of small businesses.

I am a systems based thinker who loves to support people doing good work.

It would be my pleasure to share those skills with you.


Whether you need help managing an existing website or would like an affordable way to get your business online let me take the stress out of your web presence.

I hold a Web Technologies Associates Degree from BCIT and have worked in the web industry since 2006.

This means I understand the coding side of your website as well as how to follow the style guide.

Copy Writing

Stop staring at the blank cursor and partner with me to write content for you!

  • Home pages
  • Sales letters
  • Newsletters
  • Product Descriptions
  • Job Postings
  • Social Media Posts

And more…

I bill by the hour in 15min increments if we enter into a contract agreement and offer a flat rate for one off projects.

Don’t let AI be the voice of your business.


I started my first business when I was 14 years old and have worked in a wide variety of industries.

I have been a small business owner for the past decade and started my most successful business during a time of intense stress with very little knowledge of the field.

I KNOW I can help you be more successful.

My strengths as a coach, consultant and mentor are:

  • attention to detail
  • systems and workflows
  • time management
  • 80/20 rule

Contact Me

If you’re ready to get started send me an email or read what others have to say.

Rights of Passage

Western society is sorely lacking in rights of passage and ceremony. Our rejection of the church has left us without cultural rituals.

As someone who has always been deeply connected to sprit it is one of my gifts to be able to observe these rites that are innately part of our human experience.

Some of my ceremony offerings include:

  • birth/motherhood/naming
  • release/loss
  • conscious uncoupling/divorce
  • rights of passage/life cycle rituals
    • croning (elderhood)
    • teenage transitions
    • coming of age (adulthood)
  • space blessings

I encourage you to bring your ideas and allow us to work together to create something special to mark your life event.

Are you ready to get started?