Sketching Sound

Sketching scenes as they happen in life has always been something I fancy. My life was forever changed in a grade 11 art class when we were asked to sketch our classmates. I sketched for weeks on end. I filled a notebook with sketches. Previously I had lusted after the talent that some of my more artistic friends had in doodling and drawing and now I too possessed a similar skill.

For me the sketch is poetic in the sense that it is fleeting. It is a moment in time captured in quick sure strokes and scribbles. A picture can capture a moment in an instant but for me there is something more in a sketch. A bit of the personality of the artist comes through in their interpretation of the finer details of the sketch. A photo is what it is your biggest adversary being light. A sketch on the other hand is a true creation, an interpretation of a scene caught and frozen in lines.

Last summer while attending a music festival I got bored. Well not bored as I wanted to stay there and enjoy the music but idle hands or something like that. When inspiration strikes sometimes you just have to let it flow, you know?

And so I sketched. Conveniently one of the artists had the creative idea of selling a notebook with a code to download their album on the back cover instead of an actual CD. This served as my sketch book for the weekend. While the bands would play I would sketch and after their set I would ask them if they could point themselves out and if they might sign my sketch for me. It was personal, interactive, creative. It was fun.

It also proved to be a bit of an undertaking because at music festivals the artists often perform in ‘workshops’ in which several artists/bands are asked to come on stage together. There were over a dozen people to sketch in some instances.

I quickly filled the book and keep meaning to scan it so that I might share my fun. It has now become a bit of a hobby of mine (As if I needed another one) and I would like to expand my horizons to the general population. First though I need to nail drawing hands and faces.